Bayou Renaissance Man (bayourenman) wrote,
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A fellow South African-American blogger needs help

I'm sure many of my readers know of Kim du Toit.  He's an immigrant from South Africa, like me;  and, also like me, he married an American lady.  His blog, 'The Other Side of Kim', was a regular destination for me for many years.  He stopped active blogging some time ago, but I understand he has a presence on Facebook; and he's also published several novels.

Sadly, Kim's wife Connie recently died of cancer.  He's been left with the burden of her medical bills, which he needs to clear before he can get on with his life.  He's set up a GoFundMe crowd-funding project for the purpose.  He says:

We were together for twenty years; twenty years where we were seldom more than ten feet apart from each other. For twenty years we worked in the same office, sat on the same couch, slept in the same bed, and in the end, when Connie was dying of Stage 4 cancer, I slept on the couch next to her recliner where she was confined  -- and when Connie finally died, my face was six inches from hers as I whispered my love for her.

Now my beloved Connie is gone, and I have to restart my life. This means clearing the debt, leaving the house where we lived together, and learning how to live without the woman who made my life possible. I'm a writer, and I have to write again, because it's all I know. So I'll be finishing those long-neglected novels, and yes -- I will start blogging again. I just need the funds to make that possible.

Please help me.

I'm going to contribute, of course:  and I'd be very grateful if those of you who also used to read Kim's blog, or who follow him on Facebook, would also do so.  He's had a very tough row to hoe these past few years.  He's helped a lot of people himself, and now it's his turn to ask for assistance.  I think it's merited.



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